Washing of the Feet

Completed June 2, 2000

Image Size: 21″x26″

Paper: Lana Cover, 100% cotton rag, acid free, mouldmade in France, Classic White

Serigraph, 33 colors printed


Artist’s Notes

I began working with the image of the washing of feet in 1989 with a mixed media painting. In 1999 I did a series of three acrylic paintings on the theme. The first of the three (reproduced on the opposite side of this sheet) is the one that has been developed into this serigraph limited edition. The original painting was in a drawing style with a subdued palette. The serigraph retains the heavy outlines of the figures and the folds of the robes from the painting but it will be enhanced by approximately 30 layers of a spectrum of colors. This process is compared to a musical composer who will make variations on a particular theme and has confidence in altering this melody with embellishments. For this project, I am creating something unique as well, using the serigraph process with luminous color arrangements and border designs.

Fourteen large figures dominate the picture. A miniature scene is at the top of each of the four columns: Jesus and the woman at the well; the gift of wisdom to children, not to the worldly wise; Mary Magdalene washing the feet of Jesus; the story of the Good Samaritan.

The theme of this picture encourages us to show love for all and true humility of spirit. I feel this paschal season ritual transcends particular religious observances and gives us a beautiful guide for our lives. We are called to treat all with respect and to serve in our community in different capacities.