Entry Into the City


Completed: March, 2012
Image Size: 36″ x 48″
Paper: Archival Canvas with Gallery Wrap
Medium: Giclee Fine Art Print

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ENTRY INTO THE CITY was one of Swanson’s largest paintings. He completed it in 1990, and it was featured in Life Magazine’s December, 1994 issue. The painting is now in the collection of Notre Dame University, in Indiana.

In 2011, he began to revisit the story of Palm Sunday, adding figures and details, and using brighter, more vibrant, colors. He completed the new painting in January, 2012. It is now in the collection of The Cathedral of Our Lady of The Angels. This giclée edition is based on the 2012 painting.

Swanson wanted to convey his feelings from being in marches for peace and justice. This scene has been repeated countless times in the lives of heroic and selfless leaders who have fought for love, peace, and social justice. It is relived in the lives of Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Oscar Romero, and Cesar Chavez.


John August Swanson at work in the studio Thousands march, watch, wave banners, and hold their palm branches in hope. They focus their attention on Jesus. The people lay their cloaks and rugs before Him. With love and dignity, He rides a donkey through the crowds, as the sky shines with a golden glow, while storm clouds look down with anger, foreshadowing, The Passion.

Because Swanson printed giclee editions in smaller batches, only those printed during his lifetime are signed by the artist. The remaining prints from the edition are made using the same image he created and approved, but with his signature printed where he would have signed them.

John August Swanson at work in the studio