Francis of Assisi, 1985

Completed: November 23, 1985
Image size: 27″ x 19 ½”
Edition Size: 100 Prints
Hand-printed Lithograph

Francis of Assisi (Lithograph, 1985) sold out many years ago, but the Studio has reacquired one print (edition 100/100), which is available for sale. The artwork is framed as shown in the photograph below. If you would like to purchase the artwork, please contact us.


Artist’s Notes

In FRANCIS OF ASSISI, my intent was to show: Francis as a human, who struggles–as someone who had great concerns and sought ways to give help; and, as one who was available and cared enough to go out of his way for others. I wanted to bring him to our attention, he is a hero, a mentor, and a spiritual companion. The more we see Francis’s life, the more we can begin to look at scenes of our own lives and see the potential we have for the extraordinary. We can see in the lives of others greatness, courage, and amazement.

Francis of Assisi (Acrylic painting, 1999)

The 1985 lithograph served as the inspiration for Swanson’s 1999 eponymous painting, and the subsequent Giclee edition.