Circus Gallop


An original, hand-printed, two plate etching published by the artist with the collaboration of master printer Richard Spare at Clarendon Graphics, London, England.

Completed May, 1986.
Edition Size: 150
Image size: 10″ x 11″
Paper size: 18″ x 19″
Paper: Somerset English Moulde Made Rag


CIRCUS GALLOP captures the pageantry of the grand circus march, where all the performers gallop in on their beautiful horses. The performers, garbed in full regalia and carrying colorful festive banners, excite and prepare the crowd for the show.

The circus speaks to our sense of celebration and ritual, which can be found in all ceremonies, marches, and processions. Celebrations are held in all facets of our lives, from entertainment to religon. These ceremonies transcend language and culture to bring us together as a community.

Two color plates printed
Circus Gallop is a two plate etching. Swanson drew the patterns for each printing, directly onto copper plates, where were then dipped in acid to make space in the copper for the ink used in printing. Because the process transfers the image directly to the paper, the drawings were the mirror image of what is printed. The colors used for the printing were:

Plate A: Orange and Yellow.
Plate B: Violte Solide with Transparent Geranium, Capcino, Orient Blue, Sepia with Transparent Geranium, Vert-Clair Green, Foncee-Ochre, and Rouge Ardent (Red).

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 7 × 7 in