Praised Bee Poster


19″ x 13″
Completed May 22, 2017

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The main image and side borders for this 2017 poster came from the borders of John’s 2009, serigraph, THE LAST SUPPER. Taking a 1” x 1¼” detail of bees from the artwork, John created a new painting, expanding the image, adding new details, and re-coloring the artwork with water based pigments.

This new painting was then combined with other LAST SUPPER details, and with messages adapted from Friends Of The Earth, and a quote from John’s friend (and beekeeper), Martin Marklin of Marklin Candle Design.

All life on Earth is interconnected, and we would not survive without the work done by some of the smallest creatures. They help spread life.

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Publication Date

May 22, 2017

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