Women Writing Peace poster


19″ x 13″
Completed December 24, 2013

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This was the first in the series of 13″ x 19″ posters John began publishing in 2013. Initially, he created the image as a greeting card, to send to his friends and collectors for the holiday season. While working with his local printshop, M&M Printing (now called The Print Folks), John learned that he could print to a larger format for the same price, and adapted the card as a poster. Women Writing became the first of more than 50 posters that followed, incorporating his artwork, often older pieces, or one-off paintings that few people had seen, with messages from thinkers, poets, and leaders.

This poster combines images from John’s sketchbooks with the words of the Eucharistic Prayer for Reconciliation, and a passage from the second chapter of Isaiah.