Noah Poster


19″ x 13″
Completed October 26, 2016

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The central image of this poster comes from one of John August Swanson’s earliest sgraffito paintings, completed in 1969. A sgraffito is a crayon painting made by placing down many different colored layers of crayon, and then scratching through those layers to reveal a different colors, depending on how deeply the surface is scratched. Swanson would revisit the story in a serigraph edition, several years later.

Noah’s Ark Triptych (Crayon sgraffito paintings, 1969); Left to Right: Building the Ark, The Flood, The Rainbow


Noah’s Ark Triptych (Serigraphs, 1974); Left to Right: Building the Ark, The Flood, The Rainbow

Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ and many articles on the dangers of climate change inspired Swanson to revisited the story of Noah’s Ark in 2016. He wanted to underline the connections between the messages of environmental protection that come from science, from religion, and from ethical philosphy. The text in the poster is taken from Pope Francis, and from Kevin J. O’Brien’s book, An Ethics of Biodiversity.