Lion Tamer

An original, hand-printed, two plate etching published by the artist with the collaboration of master printer Richard Spare at Clarendon Graphics, London, England.

Completed: 1986
Edition Size: 100
Image size: 10 ¾” x 8″
Paper size: 20″ x 14¾”
Paper: Somerset English Moulde Made Rag

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With great panache and humor, standing in a cage surrounded by wild lions, our clown skillfully guides the beasts, and watches as they jump through his hoop. He is calm, like Daniel in the lion’s den, and this amazing feat excites the audience.

As the viewer carefully examines the lions, one begins to see elaborate and complex patterns found within the stands of hair in the lion’s fur and mane.

If you wish to calm
the wild beasts of your nature,
trust your inner clown.
Joan Wolf Prefontaine