Flying Trapeze 

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  Art Description

Many performers astound the audience in the circus' grand arena. High above the center stage, the spotlight is on the trapeze, as a tight rope walker balances another on his shoulder, a girl rides a unicycle, and clowns and Elephants perform.

The trapeze performers show no fear and take daring leaps trusting that they will succeed, and their partners will catch them. As we watch, we feel exhilarated to see them transcend their fear.


Artist’s Notes

FLYING TRAPEZE is a two plate etching: performers on one plate, and the circus ambiance on another. Tonal effects were acheived through use of Aquatint, and colors were rubbed into the plates using cotton daubs, à la poupée.

 Image Documentation 

An original, hand-printed etching published by the artist with collaboration of master printer Richard Spare at Clarendon Graphics, London, England.

Completed October, 1985.

Edition Size: 150

Dimensions: Image: 10" x 11"
Paper: 18" x 19"

Paper: Somerset English mould-made rag, T.P. Textured.

Colors: 2 color plates printed

Price: $150.00

 Flying Trapeze
by Joan Prefontaine

So many 

acts inside 
this Big Top 

where novelty 
and timing

are king
and queen.

Some aerialists
are adept

at catching 
and holding tight 

while others
are virtuosos

of letting go.
Only a few 

adroit souls
excel at both. 

Watch closely. 
Fluid in free 

fall, poised 
in the center

of danger, these 
are daredevils 

you might entrust
with your life.


Copyright © 2020 John August Swanson