Agony In The Garden



Artist Notes:

Within AGONY IN THE GARDEN, three events are happening:

     At the bottom, the disciples lie sleeping.
     On the rocky ledge, Jesus prays alone with his
     arms outstretched.
     In the background, soldiers move through the trees
     with torches, ropes, dogs and weapons.

This work has great emotion. Christ raises his arms in prayer as he faces the icy sky, and cold truth of his impending torment and death, beads of sweat fall down his face. Below, despite Jesus's instructions, the desciples rest. This scene reminds me of the times when the wealthy and powerful sleep through the suffering of the poor. And, the times I sleep, while others are in agony.

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 Image Documentation 

Completed: December, 2011

Dimensions: 26" x 18"

Edition Size: 50 Prints 

Paper: Somerset Enhanced
        330 GSM
 (Archival Cotton-Rag Paper)

Media: Giclee Fine Art Print 

Price: $500 

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